June 2018
US Server:
Game updates on May 5, 2017 Time: 2017-05-01 21:20

Dear players,

In order to let everyone have a better game experience, we will be performing an Hunter X Online update at 02:00 on May 5, 2017 (CDT). The server will be inaccessible for approximately 1 hour. During the update, players won’t be able to log in the Hunter X game. The update may be extended or end in advance depending on the actual progress. We apologize for any inconveniences caused and thank you for your constant support and cooperation.

Updates and Optimizations:

1. Fixed Awaken Killua's skill. The special effect will not explode anymore.
2. Reduced the damage ratio of the passive skill Blast Damage.
3. Added season Honor reward for the Greed Island.
4. Added cross-server rankings for the Greed Island.
5. Now the number of players in queen and the number of confirmed players can be seen in the Greed Island.
6. Optimized negotiation in the Greed Island.
7. Added the cross-server function for pet exploration.
8. Added a special effect when claiming pet exploration's challenge chest.
9. Added the cross-server function for Academy Practise.
10. Added Crit Claim in hero's trial.
11. Adjust the number of bulk auto-loot in some stages. The adjusted number is higher or lower than 10.
12. Changed the map of Sky Arena. 
13. The treasure scroll will reset after Hunter's Treasure event ends.
14. Optimized the special effect in Sky Arena. 

Hunter X Online Operating Team