December 2018
US Server:
Game updates on Apr 20, 2017 Time: 2017-04-19 20:41

Dear players,

In order to let everyone have a better game experience, we will be performing an Hunter X Online update at 02:00 on Apr 20, 2017 (CDT). The server will be inaccessible for approximately 1 hour. During the update, players won’t be able to log in the Hunter X game. The update may be extended or end in advance depending on the actual progress. We apologize for any inconveniences caused and thank you for your constant support and cooperation.

Updates and Optimizations:

1. Increased the HP Bonus for Golden and Red Life Codes.

2. Increased the HP Bonus for Purple and above Belts after being refined.

3. Increased the HP Bonus for Purple and above Belts after being enhanced.

4. Increased the HP Bonus for enhancing and refining gear chain.

5. Improved heroes' HP Growth.

6. Increased HP Growth in the Hero Practice.

7. Adjusted monsters' HP in Nen Tower.

8. Adjusted monsters' HP in Elite Stages.

9. Adjusted monsters' HP in Story Stages.

10. Adjusted monsters' HP in Sky Arena.

11. Optimized the Pet Exploration interface.

12. Changed the rules for Pet Exploration. Players only need to pass each node once to continue the exploration.

13. Adjusted the Pet Exploration Rewards.

14. Canceled the Buff function in the Pet Exploration.

15. Added a difficulty selection function for the Pet Exploration.

16. Changed the icon appearance of items obtained from the Nen Tower. 

17. Adjusted some stage chest rewards in the Elite Stages. 

18. Optimized the display "Event has ended" in the interface during the redemption period after the Hunter's Treasure event. 

19. Optimized the exclamation mark tip when there are new titles to be activated. 

20. Modified the appearance of the Donation Coin of the Hunter Association. 

21. Fixed the disappearance bug of monster bodies after being killed. 

22. Fixed the invalid HP recovery bug of skill "Dream Cure" for red gear . 

23. Fixed the inconsistency bug of the display and actual images after the skin is shifted.  

24. Fixed the issue of not showing the purchased growth fund.

Hunter X Online Operating Team